Solstice Faith

Solstice Faith is looking for Christian Faith based fiction stories. We are not looking for religious teaching books. We are looking for Fiction stories with strong characters who are driven by their faith in God.

All word length accepted.

In your cover letter include:
  • Your name
  • Pen Name
  • Phone number
  • The current title of you book
  • Word count
  • Genre
  • Any details or plans regarding future series development
  • Your publishing history
Your submission:
  • All documents should be submitted in .doc format
  • 12 pt. black font
  • One inch margins throughout
  • Single spacing between sentences
  • No double returns between paragraphs (i.e. No spaces between paragraphs)
  • Italics, not underlining
Solstice Faith will only accept complete manuscripts that are NOT available on any other venue. (If you're self published, your books MUST be removed or discontinued BEFORE submitting. If they are still available, your submission will not be read.) Please make sure you have read through and edited both your manuscript and your cover letter. First impressions are important!

We're always interested in a series or standalone novels. If you're submitting the first in a series, please provide information on how many projected books there will be. Please include social media links in your cover letter. (Facebook author page, Twitter, blog, website, etc.) Also, in your cover letter, include your marketing/promotion plans with the understanding the author and the publisher will work together to help promote your work. All authors are required to take an active roll in marketing/promotion.